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I really hope someone can help me with my problem, I recently reinstalled windows 7 (Ultimate 6.1.7600) on my Acer Laptop (Aspire 5536) of course the first thing I did was install drivers and software for all the various hardware built into the machine. The mic, the webcam etc.

Immediately I started noting issues when installing, the progress bar would hang for long periods and then jump directly to completed. Sometimes the computer would just freeze but still allowing me to restart using Ctrl, Alt + Delete and clicking on restart.

I got most of the drivers installed eventually but now, when trying to start a game, steam informs me that my video drivers are out of date (ATI Radeon HD 3200 Graphics version No matter how many times I re-download, whether I try installing, uninstalling first, running in safe mode etc. The installer makes some progress even installing parts of the software but inevitably it freezes, even leaving it over night it made no progress. Sometimes the machine switches to a blue screen saying something like "Windows was forced to restart due to a critical danger to the system".

Exactly the same things happen when I try to install drivers for the TouchPad (Synaptic v12.1.0.0.) I could give more examples but I think it is easier to let you guys tell me what you need to know, I would really appreciate any advice. I was hoping to find someone else with similar problems but most driver issues seem to be related to a single driver not all the drivers.
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  1. Why did you reinstall windows? Did you have problems before? Maybe a harddrive problem?
  2. Thanks for the reply noidea.

    Yes, how did you know? I had some crashing issues when I tried the windows reinstaller that this laptop has built in that failed too and got stuck so I took it in and had windows reinstalled properly. I thought all those problems had been fixed. Don´t tell me they´re back, is there something I can do?
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    Check your hard drive for errors: right click on the drive / properties / tools /check for errors.
  4. Thank you, noidea. You are an actual genius.. I am very grateful for your help and uncanny identification of the problem and the solution. Drivers are installing fine now. I owe you a drink or box of chocolates.
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