Question for Ghost Users.

Have you ever noticed any diffence between a partition restored by Norton Ghost and and the original one at the time of imaging?

<b>What do you suggest about;</b>
*Installing the Windows, system drivers and your favourite applications to a partition,
*Imaging the partition via Norton Ghost,
*Making a CD-R bootable,
*and burn the image along with Norton Ghost (ghostpe.exe) into the bootable CD-R.
*Using this CD-R for the installation of Windows instead of using the regular Format & Clean Install method.
<b>In this way you can save a lot of time as;</b>
<font color=blue>-> restoring image is quite fast as compared to installing Windows.</font color=blue>
<font color=blue>-> You will not have to install the drivers (which at times is very frustrating)</font color=blue>
<font color=blue>-> You will have no need of installing a lot of applications.</font color=blue>

<b><i><font color=red>Can above 'Restoring method' be an alternative of 'Regular Format & install method'???</b></i></font color=red>
<b><i><font color=red>Also what do you thing about formating the partition before restoring the image?</b></i></font color=red>

Please send your comments.
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  1. It's a lot easier to get a second hardrive and make a complete clone of the first, which is an exact duplicate, so if your machine crashes you reclone and use the image or swap out the hardrives, and you,re back in business, you don't have to format the hardrive first to clone it. What you're suggesting may or may not be feasible, but from my own experience you can swap out a cloned drive in an emergency situation in less than ten minutes, but you will not reload a system that fast.
  2. <i><font color=red>Have you ever noticed any difference between a ghosted drive and the original one at the time of imaging?</i></font color=red>
  3. No its an identical duplicate you can swap the drives after cloning and your machine will boot up exactly the same with either drive.
  4. So you agree that this "ghosting method" can be a perfect alternative of the "Clean Install". Don't you?

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  5. I would change the subject to "Ghost or Drive Image Users", because I use the latter. :smile:

    Anyway, lots of people use this method to save time, and decrease hassle.

    In regards to your question, you don't need to format the partition beforehand. It does the exact same thing while restoring the image.

    The image is only perfect if you were sure there were no bugs when you imaged it. If you imaged it when there was still a flaw in the way you installed your drivers, it would still be there you restored that image. So, you have to find the best order of installing your drivers.

    Oh yeah, not to start a flame war, but the ease and power of Drive Image 2002 rocks! :smile:


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  6. Complete Ghost 5.1 restore of Win ME with all the drivers and apps (about 1 gig and 2+ hours of install and configuration time) takes 14 minutes from the time I boot into the floppy to the time I boot into the OS. Win 2k server takes 17 minutes (PC is Athlon 933 on Abit KT7A)

    So, you do the math.

    ..this is very useful and helpful place for information...
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