Sell non-used Windows 7 oem?

Okay here`s the story: For my new build, I bought windows 7 oem. I installed it using the disk it came with and wanted to wait a while because I was stilling doing upgrades to my build. I had an old laptop that broke years ago with windows 7 on it. I am actually using it`s old hard drive as the main drive (I`m too cheap to buy an ssd). I thought "Hey maybe the key on it would work." Well I used it and it did work. So now I`m stuck with a copy of windows 7 oem and a product key. Any idea where I can sell it since I can`t return it with the sticker broken?
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  1. windows 7 oem < was it activated at any point?
  2. Nope key is valid and never used. Sticker was cut because I needed the disk.
  3. I would try to sell it to friend or family only if you wanted to sell it, or just hang on to it to use someday later on a build for yourself or a friend or something.

    Selling it online seems like you could get into a sticky situation if for some reason the seller has trouble with it (or claims to have trouble).

    (I'm no lawyer, not sure if it's actually legal to sell it or not).
  4. Yeah I`ll probably see if one of my friends wants it, though most of them are not pc gamers.
  5. I had an old laptop that broke years ago with windows 7 < is this an oem license on a prebuilt laptop?
  6. I would hold onto it in case the other becomes non genuine.
  7. Yeah I`ll probably wait a few weeks or something since I still need to buy myself a graphics card and yes it was an oem license. I originally tried to use the hdd on my desktop and it performed a restore which considered my windows 7 pirated. When I put in the windows 7 disk I reformatted the hdd and it installed and a few days later I put in the laptop key and it worked and considers my key 100% genuine.
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