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I need help...and hopefully someone has the answer. My internal hard drive in my computer needs to be replaced. I have an old system and have only one HD bay. I wish I had the money for a new system, but I don't.

Would it be possible to buy and external HD, copy all my files from the broken down piece of **** to the extrenal, and run my system off the external? This may sound like a dumb question, I know, but I want someone else's thought before I go spend the dough. Also, I am not sure if once I get the new external up and running, if I can just remove the internal HD completely.

Any thoughts and suggestions on this problem would be most appreciated.
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  1. What you can do is just get a new hard drive and a new ata cable which will have attachments for 2 drives. Put the new drive in the hard drive bay, hook it up to the ata cable and power. Hook the old drive up to the ata cable and power as well, and just let it sit somewhere in your case. Copy all your old files over, shut down, remove the old drive and voila.

    I've done it many times. No problems.

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