i have a 2.5 yr old lenovo 3000 n100 last week it just turned off while i was online...i was thinking ok since the battery is shot i probably pulled the power cord out by mistake so i made sure it was fully in i restarted 2 min after it turned off again so by now i'm like wtf i just got a new power cable so i tried a diff one and same thing it will load up and then after a few or even few seconds it'll turn off and i can turn it back on but only for a few moments........whats the problem here and can it be fixed or should i just start saviing for a new laptop becuz if at all possible id like to keep this i just built a desktop so i have all the power my laptop is just for internet and email so if at all id like to fix this one but if its come to its end ill accept that get a new 1
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  2. It's turning off even if you dont boot into Windows? If yes, you might have a dry jointed power plug on mainboard. If no you might have a virus.
  3. yea sometimes ill press power 10 seconds off, another time itll go into windows ill think oh nice itll work bam turns off
  4. people r so stupid sometimes blaming everything on "virus" anyway either your dc socket were the plug goes to needs replacing or your bios is corrupted.

    when you plug the charger and the battery, is the orange light on without powering up?
  5. somebody using " stupid " so easily should be way more intelligent than saying " bios is corrupted " Maybe you should explain how the bios gets corrupted and what happens if the bios is malfunctioning.
    For ohthebaby - if you have a bit of electronics knowledge you can dismantle the unit and inspect the DC power plug on mainboard and if it's dry jointed , clean contacts and resolder it. No need to replace it. And YES - a virus can cause Win shutdown or restart after unit boots into Windows. No this case tho as the unit shuts down even before that.
  6. the battery is dead so it wont even charge its like total fail lol but kenzz0 ill try what u told me ill keep u posted
  7. hmmmh .... very interesting ... I have the same problem .. and my laptop is also exactly 2.5 years old ;-) .... sooo ... what that's mean ;-)?? .. I have only one opinion ... this is intentional error by Lenovo...

    I'm an electrician, and ... this mistake look like somebody disconnect power on my laptop ... but every contact are ok, and after maybe 10-15 turns off ... he start with normal working, and I can do what I want with him .. remove it from the place where he was ... close the LCD, when I'm in bed i take him with and surf over the internet but nothing happen ... he work all the time without any problems ... sooo that confusing me ... this must be intentional error by Lenovo ... I am shure

    wbr ...

  8. Your laptop may need cleaning. Intel cpus and chipsets force the machine to power down of too hot. Was the laptop running slow before the problem started happening?
  9. Laptop cleaning isn't bad thing, but problem is still apearing.

    I'm repairing PC 's along time and at unawares found some kind of problem resolvation. This failure is same for 0768 and 0689 N100 series laptops. I had 4 units of this brand. I found one of them works perfect with battery removed and others fails with battery or without it.
    I dismanteled completely, take a motherboard and heated southbridge chip with hot air gun for about 4-5 minutes. Hot air temperature was about 350 celsius heat. Chip heating was done from bottom side heating motherboard under southbridge chip. After this operation 2 notebooks began even normally recharg battery and third one works only without battery. Fourth unit I leaved intact, because owner uses his notebook as desktop PC and battery is not actual.

    If You have any questions, You can write me email ( Sorry for my terrible english, but I think it's understandable. :)

    If You'll try to do this by Yourself be very cearfull, do not overheat the chip and your hands :D
  10. Hello, I a am a bit late to this thread.

    Mummis, Are you saying this power off problem is related to the battery and can be resolved by removing the battery?

    I have a 0768 seriers lenovo 3000 n100. It has a batter that won't keep a charge. Once warm it will power down 1-2 minutes after power on. It does this even when I am using a os install cd to format the harddrive.
  11. Yes, I think the problem is power management hardware related. But there is not battery fault, just removing battery removes battery control and charge task and allows NB to work without poweroffs.

    Besides the same battery from NB with problems works well on NB without that problem.
  12. Anonymous said:
    Your laptop may need cleaning. Intel cpus and chipsets force the machine to power down of too hot. Was the laptop running slow before the problem started happening?

    I have 2 lenovas, one of them a thinkpad, powering off frequently. I agree that it may be due to heating as ice packs on the laptops seem to help.... Bad news is that things seem to get worse and my 3-4 years old think pad is I believe in its last leg.
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