Should i get a net book

i have the apertunity to get an acer net book for 320$ tax included

that one brand new from best buy, was just wondering will it be good for me?

going to school for the first time in a while, for networking and technical support, have a nice gaming desktop at home allready, this will be school only, mainly to take notes, will it do the job well or should i get a full size laptop? ps notice the price realy large discount and its the best color, black. maybe save me enough to get the bigger battery if i need to later on.

to sum up should i get it? is it any good? do they break?
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  1. if I were you, I will definitely choose a normal size laptop, something about 15" like I also have..
    the unique inconvenience I saw at that laptop is the screen size.. which I think is to small and probably you'll have problem with the keyboard also..
    to sum up, I think a 15" one is a better choice
  2. For note taking and school work, smaller & lighter is generally preferred. Netbooks are attractive because the are easily portable, have generally long battery life and can run most office software well. The one drawback with the current crop of netbooks is the lack of an optical drive (CD/DVD).
    If a netbook is just too small, I wouldn't go any larger than a 14 inch laptop. Any larger and the weight and size begin to be problematic.
    Good Luck!
  3. get the acer laptop that is onsale at bestbuy for $400
  4. actualy i went out an got it, and yes the one for 400$ i got the same one in black for 320 tax included new
  5. Asus EeePC (900/1000) isn't expensive for buy and same function.
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