Major Problem! need help!

My computer is having issues, it crashes all the time!

The system is:
K7S5A Motherboard (onboard soundcard)
Radeon DDR 64 meg Vivo (older radeon)
AMD 1600+
1 128 and 1 256 SDRAM

I should mention now, I haven't hooked the case items up properly, I just have the power and reset button plugged in but I figured having the lights plugged in doesn't really matter.

OK the problem goes as follows, I had a CPU die on me, so I decided to buy some new parts, I got a new Motherboard, CPU, and case (so the power supply should be ok) at first I had a pci 16 meg soundblaster card plugged in but warcraft III would keep freezing up with the sound repeating over and over, so I took out the soundcard and it worked properly for awhile and now the screen just freezes up and I have to reboot

what is the caues of this ? any guesses, please help. I'm at a dead end but tired of my computer freezing.

Oppps almost forgot I should add I always seem to be out of virtual memory too, if I shut down something and try to run it<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by shrewman on 07/28/02 09:34 AM.</EM></FONT></P>
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  1. What´s the wattage of the power supply?

    Also, try to start the computer with only one stick of ram...

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  2. Good Advise
  3. I have the same graphic card (ATI Radeon 64 DDR VIVO). I've tested all other components, graphic settings, BIOS setting, I have 400 watt Antec PSU, 512 MB Cosair PC2100 DDR SDR, on an Asus A7M266 M/B, TBSC sound card, both W2k & Win98SE and WarCraft III locks my video display shortly into play.

    At first, colors start flashing lights, then background starts breaking up, and then freeze.

    I have communicated with Blizzard, Asus, ATI, and none of their suggests have worked. Even the new Catalyst 2.2 ver.6118 makes no difference. The bottom line is that the graphic card cannot handle the drive of that game. Suggestion: Start shopping for a newer graphic card. At least thats where I stand. Sorry to disappoint your expectations.

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  4. Ty all for the help, especially the link to my motherboard help page.

    My guess is it's multiple problems, vid card is too weak for War 3 (damn old stuff :P )

    I also found that I have a lot of tinkering I should do with my MB

    TY ALL!!!
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