Best driving game?

Are there any decent arcade racers out there for the PC, like Project Gotham on the Xbox?

Tried NFS5, just wondering if there are others.


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  1. Burnin´ rubber is a nice on ALL computers (almost)

    Schweden für alle
  2. Sorry, but the best driving game on the market today can only be found on the PS2 system, and that's GT3. Its worth the price of PS2 by itself. Graphics are insane, the handling has always been its trademark, and the quantity of cars to choose from, is second to none (all real cars I might add). Unfortunately its not available for PC because it could've looked real nice on a computer system.
  3. The handling is great if you have never raced a car before. I found it to be extremely unrealistic. Some of the greatest dynamics come from NFS5, Driver, Carmageddon series especially TDR2000. Damage, oversteer and understeer are fantastic

    Blame the newbies not the technology
  4. its still all about spy hunter

    i went to the tomshardware forums and all i got was this lousy signature.
  5. LMAO Spyhunter for the old Commodore 64C rocked I still have it.

    Thanks alot now I have to go and play it again ;)

    Blame the newbies not the technology
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