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Well im looking for a new mouse i have been reading a few reviews and am currently considering:
Logitech MX1000
Logitech MX518
Razorback Diamondback Plasma Limited edition
or any better ideas you can come up with
I play games quite a lot, all sorts, mainly FPS and strategy and i spend a lot of time jst browsing the web so any advice ppl can give me on there mice would b appreciated.
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  1. If you need a mouse now go for the MX518. It is new, it is logitech and it is on a cord, what more could you want? Or if you can wait a bit I believe the MX520 will be basically an MX1000 on a cord. MX1000 would be nice if it wasn't wireless.

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  2. logitech wireless and corded mouse have no difference in lag time....

    any decent mouse will send clean signal to the receiver if it's close enough where you are not sitting across the room....
  3. I'm sure newer wireless mice are far superior to the old ones but I've had so much bad experience with them I probably wont get any anytime soon.

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  4. I have the 510 and it's awesome! On wireless devices in general though, I'm skeptical. I have a new Microsoft Wireless keyboard (v4 I think) that drops key strokes, will release the key without me releasing pressure, that kind of stuff. And, that is literally 4 inches from the receiver.
    And this is one of the newest devices they offer with brand new batteries etc.
    Long story short, if you really care, USE THE CORD

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  5. Quote:
    I'm sure newer wireless mice are far superior to the old ones but I've had so much bad experience with them I probably wont get any anytime soon.

    Same here ... many, many problems in the past with wireless devices. I suppose I've given away at least three wireless keyboards, and two wireless mice. There were the typical problems: the pointer freezing on the screen, the mouse losing contact with the base station, pointer "lag" or the cursor jumping suddenly on the screen, short battery life, the computer not locating the mouse or keyboard during startup and refusing to load the driver, etc.

    As much as I liked the idea of a wireless mouse, I was beginning to think that it just wasn't possible to use one in my work space, considering how many electrical devices are in that same area, which appeared to be interfering with the signal from the receiver base to/from the mouse.

    But I decided to take a chance on the MX1000, and so far, that's been a good decision. I can think of only two occasions where it was necessary to re-synch the signal with the docking station, and that's pretty darn good, since I've had the mouse since last November. I used to re-synch other wireless mice every couple of days! It's also far and away the most accurate wireless pointing device I've ever used, and I'm relieved to say this, as I didn't think I could walk away from the wired Logitech Dual-Optical without immediately experiencing aggravating issues in this area (which would have caused me to dump it, pronto); but this mouse is extremely accurate, even when playing fast paced games, or while working in Photoshop. It also holds a single charge for around a week and half during normal, daily use, and not having to swap out batteries is a real convenience. Working with a graphics program could eat up the batteries at an astounding rate with previous mice (say, weekly), but this one does the job.

    Considering how much more comfortable this mouse is ergonomically, compared to the Dual-Optical, you might consider giving it a second look. It couldn't hurt to check it out.


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  6. I am being more and more tempted by it. Every time I go to staples and see it sitting there my credit card starts begging to be swipped. I just keep telling myself to hold out a little while longer and see if a wired one comes out...
    I gotta convince one of my friends to get it so I can try it out, lol.

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  7. i just got the mx518, it's freakin sweet.
    i like it a lot more than my mx700. I recommend it to any one who plays fps games.
  8. I've had the MX1000 for about 6 months now and it's performance has been flawless. It is a heavy mouse, and that took some time to get used to. I've dropped this thing on the floor several times and have had no problems. I haven't really noticed any improvement on FPS games.

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  9. It's very, very unlikely. All of the premium mice on the market are wireless. Very few come with wires anymore. Trust me, it works flawlessly. Once in a while I had some conflict issues, but it was because the keyboard and mouse were transmitting on the same channel. Reset the receiver and reconnect the keyboard and mouse and it works fine. Zero latency, and perfect tracking on any surface.

    If I can use my mouse on my girlfriend's back, it'll track well enough for you :P

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