Dell inspiron problem with screen does not work

i have problem with my dell inspiron 1521
Firstly, i have reinstalled VISTA.
Secondly i decided to instal drivers, one of them, i load and there was BIOS driver, it was installing in DOS program, i decided that it i don't need it and i pressed turn ON/OFF button to restart my laptop, after that my laptops screen had not turned on. it does not show anyhing. like it is broken. Maybe my DOS card witch is integrated, can be broken or smth like that?
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  1. there is no such thing as a BIOS driver. it was probably a BIOS update. you DO NOT want to turn off your computer in the middle of a BIOS flash. You've probably bricked it. there are ways to recover it (in the old days you'd set a jumper to recovery position and insert a floppy and there was just enough there to restore the old BIOS). I think you've probably bricked your laptop and you're going to have to have someone take it apart and see if they can firstly reset the CMOS and then reflash it using the recovery method I just described. If that can't be done I doubt dell would consider this under warranty but you never know. At absolute worst you've got a nice new paperweight
  2. ^+1

    Nothing you can really do but that. Hopefully you didn't brick it.
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