Need a copy of Gateway restore disk [4] 7322gz v1.0

This Gateway laptop is 3 years old when I was in need to recover the hard drive with the restore disks supplied with the computer. Upon using the disks I found that the disks would not complete the installation after many tries.
I took it to Best Buy and they did a hardware diagnostic check and found that the hardware passed and that the recovery disks where bad. They re installed the operating system [Windows xp home edition] and now I am up and running at a cost of $69.00. I contacted Gateway and after 43 min on hold they told me they could send out another set for $19.00. I said ok and they transferred me to the sales department and was on hold for another 35 min. I gave up.

Anyone that can help me with this would be greatly appreciated

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  1. Simply torrent an OEM version of the Windows version you require, then burn it to a disc, and reinstall Windows with the CD key you find on the base of your laptop. Download drivers for the unit from Gateway's website. Total cost - $0. Enjoy.
  2. Thanx frozenhead for the help; so I find someone who has a copy of my os which is windows XP and when needed load it whith the key on the lable on the bottom of my laptop, I then go to the Gateway site and load the drivers for this laptop---GREAT. One other question,when I go for the drivers do I have to know what drivers I need such as keyboard,mousepad ext or can I simply ID this laptop by s/n or maybe model
  3. Which gateway do you have? By and large drivers for a lot of things on notebooks are. . . fairly universal.
  4. Thanx dwellan---I have a Gateway Laptop model#7322gz, s/# rh48365070255. Another question would be do you recoment a torrent site to download the XP OS. I went to a number of them but was reluctant to downoad for fear of bad download.
  5. Look for a torrent that has a lot of comments saying it's good - then that's likely the case.
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