Did I waste my money?

I currently have PC3200 2x256 dual channel with P4 2.4C. It is a Dell so, no OC. Yesterday, I've seen this deal and jumped on it, Kingston 2X512 for $120. Very good deal considering I can sell my current memory on Ebay and spend approx. $40 more for 1GB. I do not play games but do heavy video related stuff (CPU is more important I believe) such as ReplayTV transfers, DVD backups, etc. Now, I am thinking if it is worth the extra $40 to upgrade when I am fine with my current set up. Please advise since I can always send my memory back to Kingston. Thanks.
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  1. Video related stuff will benefit from more memory. ID say 512 is comfortable with WIn XP but 1 gig will give you some benefit. I think its probly worth 40$ and kingston is good stuff. Remember that it will be much easier to sell 1gig of kingston in a year or so than 2X256 of whatever ram...

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  2. I agree, memory will make a lot of difference when editing large video files.

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  3. Which Kingston? PC what?
  4. I got the memory today and honestly I did not think I would see a difference in general/typical use but there is a difference. I am not saying it is huge though. I have the DELL 400SC 2.4C and the memory is Kingston Value. CL3 and the old ones were CL3 as well. So, pratically same memory but 512MB more :) I am keeping them! Thanks guys for your inputs.

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