HP laptop freezes at Hp screen

I am having a problem with my laptop. I can't get it to go into the bios or get past the HP screen without taking out the DVD drive. If I take the dvd drive out the laptop works just fine. I thought that the dvd drive was bad so I bought another one and I still am having the same problem. It is a HP DV6605us laptop. I have run out of ideas on what to try. I updateded the bios and drivers and still nothing.
Thanks in advance.
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  1. Need to dismantle the unit and check mainboard / connector for DVD, if everything is OK you might have a faulty mainboard. Can also try take out the HDD and see if unit is booting from a boot CD
  2. don't update you should make the bios back to original, just remove the power and the bios battery for 1 hour and try your luck.

    but before u do that try this
    1. remove the dvd and go to bios
    2. select first boot from hard drive and disable booting from dvd drive
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