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I just got a 160gig Maxtor SATA hard drive and I tried to install it but I have some problems. First off, some important information.

OS: Windows 2000
Motherboard: asus a7n8x-e deluxe
Other hard drives: one 17GB (probably going to remove, but I need to transfer the stuff off first) and one 80GB, both IDE

My problem is that windows does see the harddrive, but for some reason it sees it as a SCSI hard drive as well as a SCSI cd-rom. When I got to windows explorer it makes a drive letter for the imaginary cd-rom but not the hard drive.

So, to clear any confusion
c:\ is my 17GB
d:\ is my 80GB
e:\ dvd ram
f:\ dvd rom
g:\ *non existant scsi cd-rom

Any ideas what the problem is?

Thanks for any help.
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  1. Did you install the SATA driver from the Asus CD?
  2. There were none that I could find, only SATARaid. But I did get the drivers from windows update.

    Update since last post:
    - installed the drive and it is seen in windows explorer (had to enable with administrative tools)
    - removed the 17GB HD
    - reinstalled windows

    Is there anyway of using a SATA as the only drive in the computer without the use of a floppy boot disk? (I don't have a disk drive) I tried to burn the drivers on a cd but when I try to get windows setup to add additional storage devices there's always some error.

    Also, will the bios ever reconize the SATA in the inital boot up screen? Right now, all I can see is the standard IDE drive.

    Sorry for all the questions.
  3. You did enable the SATA jumper on the motherboard, right?
  4. know he did not!

    Not the Official Sicko of THG.
  5. Isn't SATA enabled by default? Thats what the manual says...
  6. Serial ATA is enabled by default. I disabled mine because I don't have a SATA hard drive, and if its enabled, the older BIOS hangs for 30 to 40 seconds on start-up. Just wanted to make sure that wasn't causing the problem. Sometimes we miss easy things just as moving a jumper.
  7. Quote:
    Also, will the bios ever reconize the SATA in the inital boot up screen? Right now, all I can see is the standard IDE drive.

    On the K8V there is a BIOS setting for SATABOOT
  8. You have to have the floppy (untill new versions of windows come out with SATA drivers built in). Just connect a floppy drive to your computer while you install the drivers, will take 5seconds.

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  9. Ah, alright.

    Thanks for the help everyone.
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