UPGRADING CPU.... dv5-1004 ...possible???

Anyone know if it's possible to replace the CPU on an HP dv5-1004nr??? :o

Or overclock it?? :ouch:

Just wondering... 'cause the Turion dual core with Vista64 and 4GB is a dog. :fou:
More RAM would cost more than the notebook did. :pfff:

About to try dual boot, and put XP Pro on it.
(Spare me the vista-bash, hmmm? :non: No they don't want linux, etc)
Maybe beta Win7 would help... maybe I'll see this weekend. :pt1cable:

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  1. What CPU is in it?
  2. CPU is the AMD Turion X2 Ultra mobile technology ZM-80 / 2.1 GHz

    (Guess I could go look it up ;) Just wondered if anybody might have done it already or another HP dv notebook, though there's multiple flavors.

    That CPU sound like it's pinned or soldered? ;)

    [Edit]: Googled... apparently, a person can buy this processor... even perhaps as an HP upgrade kit, if I read write. [heheh... I meant 'read right'... weird homonymical dyslexia ;] Guess I should ask HP for their comments, and recommendations.
  3. u're looking to burn the cpu. each laptop is designed to handle nomore than what it has because of the cooling system, buy new laptop or build a desktop
  4. While your comment may be right to varying extent... it is somewhat of a 'generalism'.
    Your proposed options are to give up and take a loss. I think I will continue to investigate further.
  5. So long as the TDP of the processor you buy is near or the same as the one you have, don't worry about burning up anything.
  6. ah well...
    wiki has interesting lists of cpu specs... including newer Turion Ultra processors (socket 1)... hp dv5-1004nr has a zm-80

    $309 for a ZM-86 @ 'keenzo.com' ...guess that's it.


  7. With the stock cap at 2.4GHz, I would only upgrade if you really use CPU intensive apps, or you're trying to escape a CPU bottleneck. Otherwise, the extra 300MHz won't bring you a whole lot.
  8. Yeah... well, thanks.
    Maybe 'down the road' with similar cpu's as they get cheaper.
    as it is, this 'new' notebook too oft seems hurry up and wait... not what you expect from a new machine. Switching MS OS version seems better option... still waiting on Win7 beta.

    Now, on to replacing a dead mobo... cheesy emachine desktop :whistle:
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