Choosing a new AC Adapter?

My laptop's power cord got destroyed and I'm looking to buy a new one... It's proving more complicated than I thought. I have a Dell Inspiron 2200 which on the computer says it uses 19volts and 3.16amps.

I looked for a long time through google to try and figure out which adapter I should get, there are a lot of universal adapters out there, but some sites said that I shouldn't get one, and that if there were too many amps it could hurt my computer?

This is the adapter I was thinking of
I can find it a lot cheaper on newegg, but this link has all the stats. Can you guys tell me if there is anything wrong with it, or if there is a better one out there?
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  1. Hey I could really use a hand answering this one. I've researched it for about two hours on my own and come up more confused than when I started. I'm sure someone here knows what's up!
  2. I'd just get a Dell OEM one. Sure to find one on the Ebay. . .
  3. ANY adapter with the same size plug and output rated at 18.5V-19V with AT LEAST 3.5Amp will work. If the adapter can supply more than 4Amp is not going to damage your laptop as the unit will draw the current needed only. Actually the more amps on power adapter the better as this will be less stressed by the laptop requirements and will last longer. So you have to worry ONLY about plug which has to be the same and the output voltage which can be 18V-20V no problems. Current has to be MINIMUM 3.16A but more is better.
  4. Thanks! I found some of the exact ones that I used to have pretty cheap on ebay, although that Belkin one I linked is $40 on NewEgg, and has all sorts of cool features like DC car adapter and USB port to charge my iPod, so I might buy that sometime if I need another. Your responses were very much appreciated!
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