Finally going LCD, need help please

I've finally decided to go LCD. I've been using a CRT for a long time, but they seem hard to even find anymore and I think i'd like to try my eyes on an LCD anyway.

First I would say picture clarity is probably the most important thing to me. I have 20/15 vision and i've noticed I am able to detect a pixelated picture that many others may be unable to notice. I would colors and black levels are almost as important to me. Lastly ghosting is an issue because I do play alot of video gamse, but I am willing to sacrifice a little in that department for better colors, sharpness and overall accuracy. From what i've read 16ms and below should be satisfactory for games. Would you agree?

The thing is, I cant spend a whole lot of money, I am under a budget of around $500 and below. I've looked at 3 LCDs at neweggs site, but I wanted to get some opinions here as well if you could.

How do these look?

If I remember correctly Acer and Benq are the same company now, so I assume those LCDs may look very similar.
Would you guys suggest any of these three or maybe another?

Thanks :)
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  1. ImageQuest L90D+ 19" LCD Monitor w/ Speakers, 8ms and DVI –RETAIL

    get this one
    toms reviewed it under 8ms lcd`s
  2. i have it, its good.

    <font color=purple> MY FINGER IS ON THE BUTTON! </font color=purple>
  3. I have one too, L90D+ that is, love it. The only downside is that the picture isn't very good when pivoted (usually used for Desk Top Publishing or DTP). The viewing angles are not soo good. You wouldn't use this mode for gaming anyway so its not a big deal.
    It uses a samsung LCD panel and the colors are vibrant and clear, and at 8ms response time gaming has been a blast!
    I have a Samsung 171 (older 17" model) and the colors seem just a little "softer" but not as vibrant.
    Based on your needs I would strongly consider the Hyundai L90D+, especially since I heard it was going for $349.00 +SH at newegg.
  4. If it is your first time getting an LCD, you should take some time looking at the manufacturer's dead pixel policy. While the majority of LCD monitors don't have any dead pixels at all, you might end up getting one with at least one dead pixel, so you should be aware of what you're getting into beforehand. Unfortunately, many hide behind market-speak and legalese to give you a policy that's worse than what you might expect, so read carefully.

    The alternative is to buy one from a walk-in store, so that you can open it up, test it out, and make sure there are no dead pixels (not to mention, see if its picture quality is suitable for you). Obviously you can't do this if you're buying online.

    Another thing to look for is if the monitor (and your video card) has DVI capability. With analog VGA, some signal information is lost in the digital-analog-digital conversions. With digital DVI, it stays digital from the video card to the LCD monitor, thus enabling a clearer picture. If you're looking for a DVI-capable monitor, make sure it comes with a DVI cable! I found out that some manufacturers won't include one (since they can market that their monitors are DVI-capable anyway), making you pay more to buy one, and letting them advertise cheaper prices that way.

    If you are concerned about seeing pixellated pictures, you might want to go with a 17-inch monitor rather than a 19-inch monitor, if for no other reason than that the pixels are smaller, thus harder to see. Hehe. Lately I've been thinking that pixellation might be because the LCD is too good at what it does -- generating a sharp, clear picture, rather than slightly "fuzzying" it which makes individual pixels harder to notice. Ahh well, that's my pet theory, not necessarily meant to be taken seriously.

    I would generally agree that 16 ms is good enough. However, I'm not a gamer. I do know though that my home LCD monitor, which has a 25 ms response time, has a very noticeable ghosting effect (but it disappears when I play Starcraft, which is at 640x480 resolution...don't know if the signal refresh rate on the video card might be the cause). I don't see it at all though with the monitor I use at work, which has a response time of 16 ms. I also don't see ghosting with our display monitors that have 21 ms. Maybe I'm doing the wrong tests, I don't know. Gamers might have different opinions on what's good enough and what's not.

    If you're looking for other suggestions, I'd also recommend considering the Polyview V17D (17 inch, 10 ms, $215 on Newegg) and the Polyview V293 (19 inch, 21 ms, $299 on Newegg) but of course, I'm an Amptron employee, and we sell those monitors, so take it for what it's worth =P

    Chuck Hsiao
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