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Let me explain my computer to start with. Handmade from bare bones, windows XP SP3. I also have backup images (ghost, acronis, etc..) of the system. Then I installed Windows 7 to a second hard drive and had it set as a dual boot - worked perfectly.
THEN...... I restored an HDD image made prior to installing Windows 7, and now, I do not get the dual boot options at boot up. Boots directly int XP as had in the prior HDD image. I still have Windows 7 on the 2nd HDD. How do I get to it, or set my boot drive to recognize the Windows 7 on the 2nd HDD. Or can I ever again boot off it??
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  1. You can most likely edit the boot.ini file on the Windows XP computer to get it to recognize the second Windows install. Directions here:

    Another option is to go into BIOS and manually change the startup drive to the Windows 7. Most motherboards also let you press F12 or F8 during POST to get a boot screen which will then let you choose a one time startup drive. Hope this helps!
  2. ^That won't work. Windows 7 over writes the XP loader. Unfortunately the loader is on the same drive as XP so when you restored XP, you overwrote the loader and can no longer boot 7. Insert your win 7 install CD and run a repair install on the windows 7 partition. It should fix the loader. otherwise, use bcdedit or easybcd and repair the loader manually.
  3. +1 to Hawkeye22's solution
  4. I tried the boot.ini before the last reply and yes, discovered that doesnt work.
    I tried bcdedit but I didnt know how or where to build the windows 7 loader from nothing.
    Can someone give instructions to build a windows 7 loader so I can do it.
    Thank to all..
  5. You can't fix what you don't have. Like I said, run a repair install of win 7, then the loader will be fixed. You are still using an XP loader.
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