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Hello to all my tech guru friends out there,

I consider myself pretty tech savvy, but I'm at a loss with my laptop and why my overall performance has degraded significantly over the past year.

I purchased my Lenovo ideapad Y560 about a year and a few months ago. It has the i7 Q720, 4gigs of ddr-5 and a Radeon M 5730. I am currently rebuilding my desktop, so this is my gaming machine.

When I first got it running, it had no problem playing any game with little to no framerate loss on med-high graphic settings.

Now I feel like ANY game (League of Legends, World of Tanks, DC universe) gets PITIFUL framerate compared to where I was a year ago. In addition, my video performance, streaming, youtube, some pron, all takes a solid hit and lag as well.

I defrag (Defraggler), reg clean, CCleaner near daily. I have a 6gig page file. I have updated drivers, run Malware Bytes and use Avast for virus. None of my tools ever have problems, and my harddrive stays efficient. Still, I feel like my performance vs a year ago is 20% of where I was and its downright frustrating that I can't figure it out.

Other than a re-install of win7, any suggestions as to what could be hindering my performance? I can post anything that might help, and I appreciate anyone's assistance :)

Much love to the community.
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  1. DDR5 is just a typo right?

    Check how much RAM is used. I think you can be running out of RAM. Also check what process is using up the CPU time.

    What driver do you have for graphics? Did you use the one from Lenovo or AMD?

    Does it have switchable graphics? If it does, then stick to Lenovo driver, if not, make a system backup and download and install the latest AMD driver for 5730m.

    Also try MSI Afterburner to OC the GPU.
  2. Yes sorry, DDR-3.

    Hmm, switchable graphics? Are you referring to switching between integrated and GPU? How do I identify that?

    I did use to use the Lenovo, but I noticed that had a newer driver.
  3. Download GPU-Z

    If there is another GPU you can select, then you have switchable graphics.

    Use only Lenovo driver if you have switchable graphic. AMD driver should be fine if there is no switchable graphic. But I would make a system image backup just in case something bad happens.
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