Win 7 install error 0x80070570 Win 8 installs no problem. arrghh!!

For the life of my win 7 different iso's, versions, x32 x64 from cd, usb key, hard disk, upgrade, clean, ALL FAIL expanding file install files may be missing corrupt. This had 7 on for year re-instsalled multi times no problem. Tried Win 8 preview bam no problem installs same sys same mem same disk. Now I'm stuck with crap win 8 on the verge of expiration. Tried to install 7 from 8 of cd to clean drive same error, I recently upgraded and am trying salvage this as a lightweight htpc running XBMC but a crappy win 8 os is no way to start, ANYONE got some idea how get win 7 installed?

amd phn II x4 940
1 2 gb pc-800
ide seagate 200 mb
wd vel raptor 72gb sata.
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  1. Didn't think so, this is how bad it is I'm downloading linux, arrrghh.. some body shot me :-(
  2. If your install media is good then you may have memory problems, Windows 7 is very critical of memory. Run memtest86 for at least three passes.
  3. I've tried three different iso's from dvd, from usb key, removed my 4 gb of ram tried it with each stick one at a time. Throw it all back together, use the same usb drive burn the official win 8 iso the same way I did the official win 7 iso, plug the flash drive in and 20 mins later win 8 is happy as a clam no errors, no hardware bitches in the event viewer. God I hate ms, and fyi win 8 BLOWS, I've re-skined it so at least a have a start button but it 8 BLOWS..
  4. Lots of fixes recommended on from google.

    Basically just cancel the install and start again without restarting the system.

    A post here listed dirty memory contacts

    It may also be worth running a hard drive scan.

    My post was so beat. Not to self, dont post between game rounds :)
  5. I've even tried installing on another mach and moving drive over, but my other mach is AMD 785G/SB750 vs nvidia 630a/7025 which leaving another f'ing clustf of in-determinate duration..
  6. I've tried all the disk scans, clean to an ide drive, clean to an sata drive EXACT SAME fail, get win 8 running and all the suspect hardware test a'ok hdtune/everest/burn-in-test etc if it's bad something should find it..
  7. I'm gonna see if Ubuntu will install, god I hate linux..
  8. As usual ABM anything but microsoft Ubuntu installs no worries, killed win 8 and an added benefit, people are gonna go apesnit when the see win 8.

    Who needs the start button, task bar, my computer, recycle bin handy or at ALL! Lets KILL THEM, KILL THEM ALL!! LET THEM EAT CAKE!!! One last gift to the Jobs estate from the Gates foundation..
  9. scottfree1 said:
    Who needs the start button, task bar, my computer, recycle bin handy or at ALL! Lets KILL THEM, KILL THEM ALL!! LET THEM EAT CAKE!!! One last gift to the Jobs estate from the Gates foundation..

    All in Win8 Only thing missing is the Start menu. It was replaced with the start screen(take some getting used to).

    Hit Start(keyboard) + D(or just click the tile marked desktop) once in metro and you will get your desktop.
  10. Sorry it is a HUGE pain, the hidden side/bottom bars are supposed to open like the current task bar when hidden, if your lucky, one out of five and you may get the the bar and your mouse and the stars aligned and it opens FREEZE! DON'T MOVE!! If you don't stay over bar with your mouse for one milisec BAM! Gone what you can't have a delay to close.

    Context menus, best invention ever, maybe you want to change the bar behavior? Sorry no righty clicky for you sucka! MS I've been using windows for 27 YEARS!! I've got it the way I WANT it!!! Solution release it 12/24/2012 the end of the world won't look like such a big disaster in comparison..
  11. The lack of context menus does suck, but it is one of those things that tablet users do not want to use(or will not use). This is the target :(
  12. They are if Win 8 was "mPad for tablets" fine, but if is their flagship desktop/productivity os, then unless it comes with a 24" touch panel included I'll pass..
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