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I have problem with ECS G553(Intel 855GME chipset, Pentium M 705, 512MB DDR, 40GB Samsung HDD). Is there any way to monitor cpu temp( i tryed Speedfan, Everest, NHC and only HDD temp is available, ~45C). I fear cpu temp is to high and sometimes in windows laptop hang and display is messy(artifacts). I tested memory(with memtest, 5 pass) and HDD(with Samsung diagnostic program). And second problem, BIOS dont keep settings(if not connected with charger). In BIOS there is "advance power saving" setting and default value is disabled, but look like if it enabled, then fan works every time if i stress cpu. So is there CMOS battery somewhere(i didnt find it)?
Sorry, my english is really poor, i hope you understand :)
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  1. ...You mentioned a bunch of diagnostics and stuff, but you didn't mention a problem..

    Try CoreTemp (and I think CPU-z does it too? I could be wrong) for your monitoring.

    There is a CMOS battery, and it's connected to your motherboard deep inside your notebook. Not easy to replace.
  2. aslong as your pc doesn't shutdown randomly or after few minutes hours from starting up you're fine. the motherboard will makesure it will protect it once it reachs its maximum temperature. and speedfan temp1 and temp2 are always right..they never lie
  3. cheaptofix said:
    and speedfan temp1 and temp2 are always right..they never lie

    Speedfan cannot lie, correct, but it can display an inaccurate and false temperature value, and is well known to do so. Regardless of whether or not it's incorrect, it's good practice to use multiple programs anyway to get a more accurate reading. One test doesn't prove much - repeating it makes things more solid.
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