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i just purchased a SSD. I have a 1TB HDD already in my computer. I did a clean install of Win7 on the SSD and now have it on both the HDD and the SSD. How can I remove Win7 from the HDD and still have access to the files and programs from the HDD?
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  1. Use Explorer and delete the required folders and files. You will have to take ownership of them first though.
  2. Not really you can get some progs working, you need to keep/move your old folders under the old drive, this is my don't blame me if you try it but I've got over 100 programs I don't want to reinstall after some microsoft induced disaster procedure:

    \users\(your profile name)\appdata
    \Program Files (x86)
    \Program Files

    then if your real serious you can try regedit open local_machine then file/open hive find your old reg file under


    that's all the old reg entries from your old hard drive choose select the new hive the file/export, close the old hive and import the new file, that's my I REALLY don't want to reinstall all this crap. I'd say 90% save rate with adobe giving you the finger for the remaining 10%, flash, photoshop ect always need a reinstall when I move..
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