Core 2 Duo vs. Quad Core Help Please

Hey I've been trying to do a lot of research before I buy my new laptop. I'm buying an Alienware laptop. I've done a lot of searching for different suggestions but I'm having the hardest time finding more information on what I will truly see as far as perfomance goes wether it be Gaming or Editing video whatever. Here are the choices I have for processors. I budget is to be around 3grand which would allow me to buy the Core 2 Quad Q9100, I see that the core 2 extreme x9100 is for the same price. I'm just looking for some basic suggestions and information regarding the differences I would notice. I plan on buying the Q9100 but will it be worth the extra money? Or should I just downgrade to the T9600 and save 350 bucks or to the T9400 and save 600 bucks... I'm willing to pay the money for that quad core but I'm just trying to justify it. All ive really come to conclusion with is that the Quad core will make editing video, and doing more things faster. I mainly play World of Warcraft, and I like mixing music and graphic design occasionally. I want this laptop to last me a while aswell. Especially if im dropping 3grand. Any information will be highly appreciated any information at all, your thoughts on what will be a noticable change between the processors. Here is the basic setup i have for the computer I have if interested, aside from the CPU. Dual HD 3850's 4gig DDR3 ram, vista 64. Bunch of other uneccary crap too lol. THANKS!

Intel® Core™2 P8400 2.26GHz (3MB Cache, 1066MHz FSB) [-$850]
Intel® Core™2 P8600 2.4GHz (3MB Cache, 1066MHz FSB) [-$750]
Intel® Core™2 T9400 2.53GHz (6MB Cache, 1066MHz FSB) [-$600]
Intel® Core™2 T9600 2.8GHz (6MB Cache, 1066MHz FSB) [-$350]
Intel® Core™2 Extreme X9100 3.06GHz (6MB Cache, 1066MHz FSB) [+$0]
Intel® Core™2 Quad Q9100 2.26GHz (12MB Cache, 1066MHz FSB)
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  1. First, you're dropping 3k into an alienware notebook - they're ridiculously overpriced. If I were you I would change your plan to a Clevo derivative notebook; a notebook from Sager, XoticPC, or Killernotebooks. You'll get more power.

    As for the quad core...I actually think it might bottleneck the two 3850's at only 2.26GHz. As for the CPU, I'd go with the T9600...upping to the X9100 for an extra ~200MHz doesn't seem to be worth it to me.
  2. just do not go extreme if you want to use it out and about eat you battery power so fast im getting the quad core my self did some research about it my self and its should be fine. if your going to play games on the system quad core is you man.. reasion more and more games now are using quad core... like GTA4 uses quad core 4gb ram and ati 2870 Graphis card

    there is a other website that has an offical ailenware

    here the website

    and here is the Alienware M17 *OFFICIAL* Owner's Lounge

    if you have a question about Alienware laptop then the second link is you best bet
  3. sorry the graphis card in the my post above was ment to be 3870 ati
  4. thanks guys!
  5. Intel® Core™2 Quad Q9100 2.26GHz (12MB Cache, 1066MHz FSB) simply the most powerful of all. low on heat comparing with a 3.00ghz duo

    u better get extended warranty or these motherboards die quick.
  6. Honestly, the T9400 or the 9600 would be the best. If the Quad had a higher clock speed, then maybe I would side with that, but I don't think the advantages of having 4 cores overcomes the power issue. Speed Step will be able to take care of most of the power issues with the Dual Cores, but I believe with the Quad you are still running all four cores.

    In most cases, a higher clocked dual core is going to outperform a lower clocked Quad in games as most games can take advantage of 1 or 2 cores, atm. This trend, as Paddy mentioned, is going to disappear, but for WOW, you won't need anything more than a Dual.
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