Cant play youtube or flash on Windows 7

I could play videos in the past but not I'm confronted with a blank screen
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  1. install adobe flash from the adobe site.
    if you already have it installed on IE9 but you use a different browser then you will need the plugin.
    fire fox, opera, and chrome all use a flash plugin. if you have it installed then its either dissabled or you havent given it permission to run on the web page your trying to view...
    in that case find the websits cookie and delete it then restart your browser and you should then be given an option to run the plugin for that site.
  2. Flash, Shockwave, Quicktime, WMP plugin, VLC plugin, adobe air, silverlight etc we need more data to help you.
  3. To play online videos on youtube and other website, you need to install a flash player for your web browser.
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