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I have a problem. At my office we have 8 PCs running on Windows 98 SE, a Server running on Win NT (4.0 I think) and 1 PC running on Windows XP Home.

All 8 Win98 PCs connect to the Server just fine, all can access Internet through the HUB and router as well as access the Server's HDDs. However after setting up the "new" additional PC which is the WinXP PC it can only see/recognize the 8 PCs. The WinXP PC can also access the internet, what it cannot do is see/recognize the Server. How come? It does see the 8 other Win98 PCs and share files and printers with them. How will I get the WinXP PC 'see' the Server Win NT Server?
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  1. You need to know its UNC universal name code e.g. \\main computer\ntserver. You should be able to browse the whole network or ask the system administrator how to map to it. If you want to try the above yourself you can go to Network Places > map network drive > entire network and you should be able to find it. It has to be mapped in order for you to use it and you also have to have permission to use it.

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  2. problem is my computer doesn't see it. It's nowhere to be found even at Network Places. I do see the 8 other PCs and able to access resources from all 8. It's just the NT server PC that my WinXP cannot see. All 8 Win98 PCs can see the NT server though. Maybe I should get WinXP Pro.
  3. How did you setup the XP? What's its ip address & subnet?
  4. I've had this problem too. Same situation a bunch of 98se comps at work see the server just fine but the XP machines don't want to see it. The only work around I've found for this is to load the IPX/SPX/NetBEUI drivers. Then I can see the server but I don't like running these cause they create needless network traffice. If anybody knows how to make the Server show up using just TCP/IP I'd love to know about it
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