Will a T7250 Go Straight Into an ACER 5315

I want to upgrade my daughters Acer 5315 from a Celeron to a Dual Core T7520 2.GHz is this a straight take out drop in situation or not.
Any advice gratefully recieved...
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  1. As far as I can know any socket P processor will fit in the Celeron's micro-FCPGA socket, but not vise versa. In that regard, you're safe. However, the Core 2 requires far more power than the Celeron, and has a TDP of 35W, whereas your Celeron has a TDP of 26W. If the BIOS even recognizes the chip, you're in line for cooling problems. I wouldn't try it.
  2. what about a lower dual say a T5550 1.83 ECT
  3. Even the lowest Core 2 has a TDP of 35W, that being the T5250.
  4. The Acer 5315 is one of the most upgrade friendly machines out there.

    I have upgraded them with T5450, T5550, T9300 and T9500 processors, with the T9300 and T9500 requiring a reinstall of Vista to get the fan and thermal management properly synched up.

    There is an excellent thread by BigO in another place which you will find if you google 'acer 5315 cpu upgrade'.

    Don't forget to install more RAM, the 5315 can take 3Gb if you put it in the right slots and it will make full use of the faster (667) and low latency (CL4) types available.

    Good luck :)
  5. don't do it. it ain't gona work.
  6. have a look in here before you make your mind up...


    there are lots of friendly and helpful people on the Acer forum as well :)
  7. How exactly do you fit 3 GB of memory into the 5315? I've upgraded to 2 MB, but apparently if you put the memory in the correct slots it will take 2+1? Which slots?
  8. you could click on the link just above...or try it - one way will give you a blue screen of death as windows loads, the other won't ;)
  9. removing duplicate..
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