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I recently, god knows why, tried to play Everquest. Between log on screen, patcher, etc, my hard drive would make a hard click noise, followed by a softer one and then the computer would just freeze up, resulting in a cold boot.
Now before you think this is a game issue, i was messing around trying to get things to work and i went into my video card settings(ati 9700 pro). when i changed a setting and it went to show me what the new settings would look like, the hard drive again made the clicking noises and locked my computer.

Ive taken out all my cards, updated drives, bios, etc.

Im wondering if my hard drive is on the way out?

Is my power supply too small?(enermax 350w), eventhough i have been using it for 2-3 yrs now with no problems at all.

any light anyone can shed on this greatly appreciated.

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  1. My guess, its the hard drive. While its still working try back up whatever you need to CD or DVD. If you have a clicking sound, that is most likely the hard drive. What is the model of the hard drive?
  2. Sounds to me like a problem with the video card / driver.

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  3. I suggest that you back up your data, and test the HDD with a utility from the manufacturer. Clicking noises and sudden freezes such as you've described often indicate imminent drive failure. It's possible that something else is at fault, but you need to rule out a problem with the drive before attempting to troubleshoot in other areas, IMHO ... such as a software/driver issue, or a hardware problem with the video card, such as a bad memory chip, or overheating.


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  4. thnx for the replies.
    it seems i was having an array of random problems from my comp not botting(saying vga mode not supported), to getting stuck booting in safe mode(stuck when loading amdago.sys) to sometimes just getting stuck at the winxp logon screen...other times booting with no problem.
    So i backed all my stuff to dvds and found out that my CD rom was shot. I took it out and seems to have cleared all my boot problems. However gaming is still a slight issue.
    i ran a HDD util on my HD and it scanned fine. So im thinking its either the mobo or vid driver issue as one suggested (eventhough i loaded the latested drivers). Going to try to go back to the factory drivers that came with the vid card and work up from there.
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