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Answering someone's question about laptops got me thinking. How many people with a laptop actually use it more like a portable desktop (mostly plugged in a wall outlet)?
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  1. I personally try to limit my use of battery power. Not that it's all that hard outlets are everywhere. I only use the battery if I know I'm just going to be using it for a few minutes or if there are no outlets available
  2. it is always recommmended to charge the battery to maximum then remove the ac cable and use it until it is low to extend the battery life
  3. My laptop is used quite a bit for travel, and when travelling it gets plugged in very little. But I also use it at home quite a bit as a remote terminal, and too keep from cycling the battery so many times I usually plug it in when at home.

    My laptop is never intended to be a desktop replacement, and battery life and use with the battery is important, but if I'm going to set it up on the dining table and use it for more than a few hours, it is actually more convenient to go ahead and plug it in and not worry about the battery running down, the machine wanting to go to sleep mode if I step away to go to the bathroom, or wanting to continually dim the screen.
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