which dvd burner...plex708a or nec2510?

im thinkin gettin a dvd burner and i was wonderin wut you guys thought bout these two burners. I heard the plex708a is quiet and u can control the dvd read speed usin nero. I was wondering if the nec2510 is also quiet. I can get the plex708a for 86 bucks and the nec2510 for 88. Do you think its better to go for the dual layer nec2510 or the plex708a? I heard DL media aint really great right now either but wuts so bad for gettin a dl burner for 2 bucks more? Im mostly aimin for a quiet dvd drive. Thanks.
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  1. >>I was wondering if the nec2510 is also quiet<<

    it is unbearably quiet, i have to try VERY hard to hear the thing spinning.

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  2. Get LiteOn SOHW-812S

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  3. I have the 2500A, the 2510A is the same drive with the head calibration held to tighter tolerances (and a dual-layer enabled BIOS). My drive is super quiet, and physically they're the same, which means the 2510A should be just as quiet.

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  4. Between the two I'd get the NEC in a second.

    But I'd get a LiteOn 812 (832S) over the NEC as well.

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