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I have a question....i am going to build a comp and i am getting a 250 GB Western Digital HD...is there any point to taking 80 GB drive from my other machine and putting it in the new machine...i guess part two would be: if i do put the 80 GB in there...should i put the drives in a RAID array (hardware) or just have 2 individual drives...thanks in advance
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  1. you RAID-you looze. RAID will make drives to be the same size, which would be set to the smallest. I don't think you would like to have 170Gz to "disappear", would you ;)

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  2. 2 individual for sure. Whichever you put windows on, make sure you put your swap file on the other.

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  3. In a RAID 1 array you would get a total of 80GB from those 2 drives (you effectivly loose 250GB) because it truncates the larger drive and only uses a portion equal to the size of the smallest hard drive. In a RAID 0 array you would get a total of 160GB.

    In both setups you would get very poor access time since you are using 2 drives of very different sizes.

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