Help picking either notebook or netbook

I already have a laptop, but i wanted something smaller to only work with photos. I need either a notebook, or netbook, small enough to carry with my in my bag everyday. I wont be going on the internet, or anything else, its strictly for working on my photos with photoshop, and all that other junk :).
However, when it comes to memory, and gb i am completely ignorant. I need some suggestions. I was thinking about the dell mini, but when i went online to build it i was asked a lot and got confused.

Please help

oh i also need a CD/DVD burner, because i will be putting photos on them.
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  1. If you're working with photos a netbook is out automatically. Their screens are tiny and low resolution.

    In fact, if you're working with photos, you should really be using a 17" notebook (some of the largest notebooks on the market) so you can actually see what you're working on.

    Essentially, you should look for something that's got some config like this:

    At least 1680x1050 screen, if not 1920x1200. (15.4" is probably for you, but 1920x1200 at that size will be tiny, tiny pixels.)

    4GB of RAM.

    At least a dual core 2.4GHz processor. Intel preferred (better performance, better battery life).

    A decently large hard disk, 250GB+.
  2. photoshop needs quite a bit of cpu grunt and plenty of ram, which pretty much rules out an atom powered netbook.
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  4. Bad combination: working a lot with Photoshop (big screen recomended) and carrying the computer the whole day (small laptop recommended).

    Maybe something such as a Dell Latitude E6400 (14", 2 kg, I think there is a 1440x900 screen) or similar.
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