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Can someone please tell me, other than the specs listed, how the 7811 and the 7805u compare?

Also I hear some of the 7805u have the WUXGA screens and other have the WXGA screen, even though the box states they have the wxga screen. Is there anyway to tell before buying the computer which screen you will end up with.

I was set on getting the 7811 but was unable to locate one, so the 7805u seems like the next best choice. I thought about the Sager NP5793, but less hd space and less Graphics memory, plus more money makes me think the gateway is a better bang for the buck. Thoughts?
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  1. I bought the P7805u last week and got a 1900x1200 screen (WUXGA?). I have only read one review that did not get the higher res screen, but I have a feeling the reviewer might be mistaken.

    I wonder if Gateway will revise the specs on the website or they plan on downgrading the screen in the next production run.

    But, overall, the laptop is awesome. It seems to run very smooth with any giltches. I've started the testing process and have not had one issue.

    Plus, it's light on bloatware. I only had to remove a couple of preloaded software items that booted on startup. And, I took all the of the trial software off.

    I am going to wait until the screen issue is confirmed, but I will be purchasing another one.
  2. thanks for the information. I would really like to have the higher res screen.
  3. I purchased a P-7805u on 1/14 from a BestBuy in the San Francisco bay area. It was the only store that had one in stock. It ended up being the 1440 x 900 resolution.
  4. I bought one today from best buy. I got the 1900x1200. Love it so far but have not done much with it.
  5. Mine had a sticker on the box that said it was made 12/20/08. I don't know but maybe the old stock has the lower res screen.
  6. I'll have to check my box production date. I purchased on 01/08/09.

    The model was introduced officially the week of 01/04/09, but several production runs could have occurred before the release.
  7. gateway p-7805u lawsuit anyone heard of this due to nvidea card going out right after warranty expires manufacturer defect??? i have a p-7811 and p-7805 and a p-6860 fx i like them all they all seem to be good computers i got good ones on the p-7805u both with no video card issues, between the 7805u and the p-7811fx only diffrence i can tell is 7805 is faster cause it has been upgraded to 8gb memory so that doesnt count, it seems same as the p-7805u with 4gb memory, i dont game a lot ive never gamed on the 7811 so i cant say it has 512gb nvidea card 7805u has 1gb card so it probably games better. but i like them all the 6860 fx even plays most games its lil slower but still a good computer. and all the parts interchange if you buy one for parts except some things on the 6860 fx like memory. :bounce:
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