Downloading an existing file and options don't pop up.

I need help guys! I dont know how to fix this problem...

So when I download a file that I already have, it automatically downloads and gives that (1). So lets say I have file: DUDE. When I download it again, it automatically downloads and its file name is : DUDE (1). How do i fix this error.. usually options pop up right? I dont want to have duplicate files.

So... Does any 1 know how to revert this option? Cause I want the options to pop out again..
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  1. what browser?
  2. It's like that for every browser...
  3. every browser doesn't use/pull the same config...
  4. i dont think you get what i mean >_< you know how you download something and you have the same file, there usually are options that pop up right? That box of 3 options don't pop up any more.
  5. Ohh okay. I'm using google chorme
  6. I get what your saying, I know some browsers have a setting to "always save" downloads to a specific directory. If that is set on your browser that may be causing the automatic download renaming that your experiencing. That's why I asked what browser you are using so you/I/someone could verify the download settings are correct.
  7. alright, I don't use chrome but found this

    check what your download location is set to
    follow googles website for instructions
    look for something like "always ask" where to save downloads and tick that
  8. I have that ticked already. T___T I think it's a problem regarding windows.
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