Fast notebook..

I am thinking to buy a new notebook.

and need some opinion on this..

Needs to be fast in real life, not only benchmark fast

Thinking of building this,

OCZ Whitebook
Processor QX 9300
8 GB Ram
2 x 80 Gb or bigger Intel SSD Raid 0 or Non raid ..?
Intel turbo memory or not ?
64 Bit Vista Ultimate
(i am not a gamer but pure bussines use)

my notebooks so far

1e AW M9750 with T7600+2 Gb ram + 9750GTX+ Raid 0 2x 200Gb Hitachi (liked it a lot this one)
2e AW M17X with X9000 + 4 Gb ram+ 8800GTX + 2 x 320 Gb WD Scorpio black
i am not verry happy with my M17X (it's not fast, yes in benchmarks but not in real life applications like Autocad,Office,Adobe..)

thinking to buy one from Killer Notebooks..
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  1. If you're doing autocad, I highly recommend you get an nvidia FX workstation graphics card in the unit.

    Also, what's your budget?
  2. up to max 7000 US dollar
  3. With that kind of budget, I'd recommend nothing less than a Sager NP9262. You can fit this unit out with a quad core processor, a Quadro FX 3700m (or dual 9800mGTXs), 8GB of RAM, and your choice of hard disk space/arrays.

    Of course, this is assuming you want a notebook that won't go far from the wall.
  4. The Dell Precision notebooks are pretty nice too. They're designed to do high load business apps.
  5. Thanks, but i think it's a little to heavy this NP9262.. i travel a lot with it

    (My M9750 was oke , but my M17X is to big in size)
  6. The NP5796 is an alternative - lighter on weight (and power) but still 17".
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