Sager NP5793 audio problems..

My 5793 does some funny stuff with the headphone jack in front -

Audio output through the jack will only work if the thing you've got plugged into it is only 3/4 the way in.
Audio output through all three speakers (on the notebook) will only work if you've got something plugged into the jack about 1/3 the way in.
Audio output through the bottom speaker AND headphones when plugged in a hair less than 3/4.
When nothing is plugged in, only the speaker on the bottom of the notebook is working - the two sides don't do anything.

I thought something was in the jack - I don't think looks just like the other jacks on the inside and doesn't feel any different when you put something in it.
Software isn't an issue - replaced the drivers already and tried outputting audio with Windows 7 beta, same problem.

Has anyone encountered this? It's not really horrible, just kind of annoying sometimes.

Especially lostandwandering - if you've ever had this issue..or killernotebooks, but I haven't heard or seen him in a while.
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  1. awe, comon, someone...?
  2. The software would have been my first guess. I'm not really sure though, never encountered that. :(
  3. I have the same lappy (Clevo m57ru). That's a known problem of the motherboard, meaning that the jack's (green) welding to the mobo is broken. The problem extends sometimes to the digital output as well but I don't know if that was my case since I don't have digital input speakers.
    Use your warranty, they should replace the whole mobo.
    It happened to me twice so I know what I'm saying.

    Hope it helps
  4. Well, I know Sager's support is stellar, but I think I'm more comfortable doing it myself. (plus I can't loose my notebook for any length of time) Do you have any specifics on what's broken? Is it just a loose solder?
  5. I found another thread on notebookreview that said quite a bit. Sager apparently won't give you a new motherboard when you send it to them - they'll either replace it with a refurbished one or fix yours. I'll just keep mine the way it is. Apparently this occurs when the jack's leg breaks loose from the motherboard. A simple solder should do the trick. 5.1 sucks on this unit anyway - the only reason I want to fix this is to have my 3 speakers on the notebook work all the time.
  6. Mine did not came from Sager. I still got like a year and a half of warranty that I'm definitively not going to loose. So I've sent it back twice, taking more or less a month each time. Don't know how much will take Sager to repair the jack but you can expect it to be more than you would like. I've been told that if it happens a third time they will offer me another product.
    If you still have warranty I'd think it twice before voiding it, even if you have let it go for some time. Humble advice.
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