Alienware used laptop worth it?

used alienware for 525.00 hereare the specs

AMD Athlon FX-64 X2 duel core 2.40gz
> 17" WXGA+ Matte
> Nvidia GeForce Go7800GTX
> 2GB DDR400 dual-channel RAM
> 80GB 7200RPM Serial ATA hard drive
> 8X DVD+/-RW DL drive
> Windows vista 32bit Professional
> 12-cell battery
> Avg

what do you guys think should I get it? worth it? thanks
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  1. Type.. ? screen resolution...?

    to expensive , sold my 1,5 year old M9750 for 1400 Dollar
    if you look on the internet you can find them for 700 to 1000 M9750
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