Laser TV predicted to be death of plasma - any more info?

I saw a news story last night on the first public showing a new type of display technology - Laser TVs.

Everone who had seen the displays in action were raving that it had the best picture they'd seen, especially the brightness of the colours were supposedly unmatched at a price point of around half that of a plasma.

Does anyone have anymore info on these TVs especally on the smaller sizes i.e. for PC use? in the article the company rep recons that LCDs will still rule the under 40inch market, i was wondering if anyone knows a technical reason why?

I'm really not impressed by the picture of any LCD on the market at the moment. Sure they look great for desktop use but movies don't look very impressive due to the twinkling effect, lack of detail in dark scenes and poor handling of non-native resolutions.

Also is there any info on the release date of SED or any other new display techs that might solve LCD's downsides?

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  1. Look at my signature, it a link to a post on new display technologies (laser among others).
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