I have creatacard gold 3 how can i install on windows 7 64bit

how can i install on windows 7 64bit
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  1. Time to upgrade? it a 10+ years old software
  2. You can install Window XP Mode which you download from Microsoft Sight, and you will download one file to your desktop (448MB self extracting exe file and then install it by clicking on it and following the prompts. It installs windows XP seamlessly into Windows 7, 64/32 bit either one. When you click on programs you will see Windows XP listed under Window Virtual PC. Once the XP Mode window opens up you can load CreataCard 3.0 on the the Virtual Mode XP machine. You will have to type "D:\setup full" to load it on the hard drive of the XP machine in Windows 7. Need any further help email me at gwooster@comcast.net, or call 317-504-0352. I will probably make a youtube video about it. It can also install on Windows 8.1. I am using it on my Window 7 Ultimate 64 bit computer.
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