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can i upgrade the videocard of my acer aspire 4310? what other upgrade can i make on this laptop to improve graphics..

currently i have: celeron M 530 1.73ghz, 1 gig memory, onboard intel graphics media accelerator 950
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  1. I'm willing to bet that you can't upgrade it. I'm about 99% sure. Most notebooks like don't technically have separate graphics cards, and their chips for graphics rendering lie on the motherboard.
  2. Hi,

    Good day!

    I have a laptop aspire 4310 notebook, my problem is that if i click the ON button it has a power but it cannot continue to start my operating syatem also i cannot see anything in my LCD then for about 12 seconds it will shut off.

    what it seems to be the problem on this,

    please do help me,,,

  3. macoy, it seems you have a hardware problem either something is wrong with your processor or your motherboard.

    and the other guy, NO you cant upgrade ot change video cards on laptops. and 1.7ghz celeron is old now and too slow
  4. a virus causes the problem, you only need to reformat your laptop, because your computer system or operating system has been corrupted.
  5. i'm not sure, if it can be upgraded or not, but i'll try to find out, i'm working on it. :D

    here! im 100% sure you can upgrade your Ram and Hard drive. changing your presently 512mb ddr2 ram into 2gig ddr2 ram. likewise your 80gig Hard drive into 250gig hard drive.

    note: There two different Ram speed,
    1. Pc-5300
    2. Pc-6400
    your laptop had 512mb ddr2 pc-5300 speed, you can choose to buy a same speed to add e.x a 2gig, because you have two Ram slot in your laptop, to have a total 2,512 memory.or 2gig with a speed of pc-6400 or if your rich directly buy a 4gig memory w/ a speed of pc-5300.make sure you if our planning too place two ram in your laptop make sure it as the same speed ok.
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