New technologies to start replacing LCD and Plasma in 2007

It has recently come to my attention the development of several new technologies intended to replace (with advantages) all of those currently being used in today’s displays.

All of them promise better image quality than both Plasma and LCD, and in a “as slim as” package, and of course, flat panels.

New Cathode Ray (without the Tube) technology called SED (Surface-conduction Electron-emitter Display) promise the same image quality of today’s best CRT monitors, with reduced production costs, and lower power consumption.
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Laser TV’s work as internal projectors, with laser cannons at the back of the TV projecting the image on the screen. Developers swear it can replace any LCD or Plasma display at any size, with brighter, more realistic colors.
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FED (Field Emission Display): Works in a very similar way to SED, but internally makes use of Carbon Nanotubes.
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OLED (Organic light-emitting diode): It is most likely to be the natural replacement of small LCD displays. They work in the same way as LCD but, don’t need a back lighting.
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Observation: Since SED and OLED are being developed by Canon, presumably SED is not intended to small displays.

Future looks grim for Plasma and LCD technologies…

Particularly this couldn’t sound better as I was never fond of LCD and since Plasma has a lot of drawbacks (size, burn-ins…).
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  1. some of these have been around for a bit actuallly. and if im not mistaken OLED's will burn out. i dont think LCD's are on the way out, plasmas i would say are not going to stay competitive.
  2. As long as it looks as good, or better :) then my sony trinitron multiscan 17 sf, then I'm all for it, as long as it has the same lifetime, and around the same price as CRT's like it.
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