I've got a sony vaio PCG-F809K laptop. I had to reinstall windows cos o viruses and now I cant get no drivers for it.

I've lost the driver cd, da sony website doesnt give any. Wireless, webcam, sound, bluetooth, lan nothins workin.

I'd appreciate if anyone can giv me the drivers or point to a site that has them.

or even tell me what wireless card is in this model. maybe then i can try to find drivers for that wireless card. with no drivers device manager isnt tellin me what card is in there.

btw the o/s is win xp sp3.

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    Try the link below:

    If you still need to identify your wireless card SIW should be able to do this for you

    The standalone version on the left of the page can be run from a USB flash drive:
  2. any luck using windows update? usually pretty good for basic drivers...
  3. Cant go online without wireless

    And thanx btk1w1. SIW is a charm...turns out the model number label does not match the laptop.

    I have a completely different one...VGN-BX196SP

    have found da drivers now....THANX everyone
  4. Did you restore with the original Sony restore discs that were matched with your model, or did you use an OEM version of Windows XP? If you used an OEM version, thats why the drivers werent working. If you have the Sony restore discs, you can save yourself a whole lot of time! Good luck!
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