Can I play this game on my laptop?

Hi, I have Dell Inspiron 1420 laptop with T5750 Core 2 duo 1.5 Ghz processor , Nvidia Geforce 8400M GS 256MB graphic card, 2GB RAM. I want to know if I can play a game called Mirror's Edge (Requirements : P4 3.0 GHZ, GeForce 6 Series with 256MB , 1 GB RAM).

I want to know if my 1.5 Ghz processor is equivalent to p4 3.0 Ghz as i easily met all other requirements easily.
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  1. You should be alright, but you're close.
  2. Thanks for yr help.

    @ montyuk
    I tried that website before but I don't trust them as accroding to them I can not run many games (For exa. Crysis which i am playing for last 1 year without any problems and also using medium settings)
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