Acer Aspire heating up

I hav read in a lot of posts and reviews that Acer's laptops (*specifically aspire) get heated up within an hour's gameplay.

So is that a bad thing?? I mean, does it reduce the life of the laptop?

I ask this question because i am getting a new laptop and wud like 2 play some good games on it like mw2, assassins creed 1,2,3 ; bioshock , crysis, etc
and i found Acer's Aspire AS5755G-2434G75Mnks the best BUDGET laptop 4 me.

I am also a little tensed because it's my 1st laptop. And people I know don't have much knowledge or genuine advice 2 offer me. They just go like " buy Dell/lenovo/HP",
which wont offer the same at the same price.

the specs of acer AS5755G-2434G75Mnks are -

2nd gen i5 2.4 GHz (upto 3.0 with turbo boost)
4GB RAM ddr3
750 GB SATA @5200 rpm
and most importantly - nVidia GT 540M 2GB graphics
i liked the looks of this laptop 2, and it has got a fair battery life.

Please help!!

Thx ;)
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  1. I'm looking at the same laptop and posing about it. Is love to hear an answer. U get that puppy off newegg? Right now I'm looking at the i7 version
  2. no, i saw it on the Acer home site. It's pretty loaded 4 tht budget. And thts the worry!!
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