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I am wanting to buy a laptop, an acer aspire with dedicated nvidia geforce 9600m gs. The reviews show it does not come with recovery disks and they must be made. Question is, Will it burn every thing including the software for graphics? Will it just create the windows vista O/S, or will it create all the necessary recovery software? Will I have to find it all first, or will the management program find it all and put it all on there for me? I ask because I know that My desktop came with mobo utility disk, Video card utility disk, and O/S disk.

Thanx in advance for any replies!
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  1. The acer recovery disk just reisntalls the system back to factory install like the first time you ever turned it on. When I had a Acer Aspire I had to burn a recovery disk once it got up and running. It is a very easy popup warning that you get when you first load into windows. Many Laptops also have the recovery on a hidden partition on the hard drive you just hit a hot key at the boot screen and it automatically begins the process of reinstalling back to factory setting also.
  2. Yup. Just puts your notebook back the way it was when you got it. You won't want to use graphics drivers that are from that time period, anyway - you should seek out new ones every few months (or when they come out, if you're up to date with those kinds of things).
  3. so yes it will burn a disk(s) for you with all the data that is on the recovery partition. so burn the disk and format the recovery partition to get that hard drive space back. because if your hard drive becomes unreadable the recovery partition would be useless anyway
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