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am currently trying to hook up my home stereo to my computer because all of my music is on now on my harddrives. I only have an advance ac97 motherboard (on board) for sound. And plugging a "y adapter" into this output and my home stereo is not quite cutting it. Im looking for a sound card that will provide clear high quality output to my stereo. I dont need a powered out, i just need an rca out I believe. I could be wrong here. What exactly is it im looking for in the sound card is what im trying to determine, just a line out? (left and right)? If not, what exactly is the option in looking for? I need a soundcard thats hooks up easily to a home stereo reciever. i dont need any computer speakers as my home receiver and speakers should take care of that. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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  1. Actually Y cables are just fine, as long as their stereo. You probably just need a better sound card, or a better quality Y cable. Of course if you're going more than 3 feet most Y cables are a bit thin for distances, you could use a splitter and a pair of RCA cables.

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