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hi there im on the look out for a laptop to do the usual things, word processing, picture editing etc but i would also like to play games on it, im not ditching my desktop its more for when im on the move or when i go round the GF hosue and shes buisy watching some crap on TV or playing lord of the rings online.

some of the games i would like to be able to play are,

lord of the rings online - settings do not have to be at max but i would like better than minimal.
football manager 09 i like to play quite a few leagues 8+ if possible.
company of heroes.
mass effect with reasonable settings.

ill admit to not knowing a lot about laptops so have been browsing lots of sites that sell them and i ahve come across the ACER AS6920G how good would this be for my needs ? id like a good resolution if possible the screen size doesnt have to be massive but i think 15.4" is the smallest i would settle for, i have linked the specs and the site i have seen it on below, any help would be great!
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  1. If you're interested in some reading and some heavy analysing, this is a great place to start.

    Personally I like laptops which utilizes AMD technology over Intel. ASUS laptops which utilizes the Radeon 3200 HD has pretty good gaming performance.
  2. ok ill check it out, i take it that laptop is no good for my needs then ?
  3. Hard to say, but I think you can find a better laptop for a cheaper price.
  4. With ASUS I think you get better quality than what ACER can provide.
  5. hi there, i have a look on the ASUS website but i cannot see anything with a graphic card as good as the one listed, i did see some with better CPU's but as i said the graphic cards were not as good and these machines were a bit higher in price than the one i listed.

    if you can recommend some sites i can look at or know of a better deal somewhere yuo can link for me that would be great.
  6. The ASUS Lamborghini VX3 seems pretty cool, but it's "a little expensive". :)

    You should probably go for that ACER laptop you found, it's probably a good one.

    I have worked on a company a few years ago though where the ACER laptops often had problems and that they were sent back for repairs, so I'm a bit sceptic about the quality.

    Have you looked at other brands also? Komplett is a company which offers several models from different manufacturers. You'll find a link here.
  7. no ive not used komplett for a while as their UK site stopped trading, i dont really want to pay import tax by bringing it in form another country.
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