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I just got a Logitech G5 wireless mouse which from reading the reviews I will love and never nead another mouse.

With a new mouse however i'm trying to decide whether I need a new keyboard or not.

Originally I have the Logitech MX 3000 which is a great setup. Pretty good for gaming and has the buttons I need. But being it's a combo i'd probably have to keep the charger plugged in so the mouse can send signals to the pc.

Any suggestions on keyboards?

I know Logitech and MS make some pretty good ones...but just not sold on anything yet or who to go with.

Any suggestions, comments, etc would be appreciated. Thanks

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  1. i ahve used my friends Logitech g15 at his house t was good i like it but maybe thats because i have a acer keyboard but anyway

    some pros(this is why i would buy it)
    lcd on it (can view things about your pc or whats in game without hitting a buttoon like tab in CS)

    backlight on keys

    54 programmable marcos

    its like70-100 bucks bestbuy it closer to 100 newegg about 70)
  2. Gaming stuff is for noobs.

    Get an N52 and a nice ergonomic multimedia keyboard
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