Dithering? Light Scatter? Why does LCD look dusty?

Using the Viewsonic VP2030b (a type of MVA monitor), I notice what looks like a "dirty." Even on patches of color that should be smooth and solid, there is this "dirty" effect to it. It causes some pixels to appear lighter; it gives the screen a "dirty" look too it like there is dust on the surface of the screen (not deep down in the screen); and it also causes some scattering of colors. Scrolling up and down and moving the picture around causes the "dirty stuff" to stay where it is; the "dirty stuff" doesn't change shape or move.

Is this basically the flaw of having a matte finish LCD pane? Can I assume that it's just the matte finish that is the cause? ... and not the panel with something like dithering?

If it is the matte finish, then how come nobody brings up this issue? I would think it would be important for graphics artists since large patches of a single color do not appear perfectly uniform. This makes it hard for a person working on graphics. If the cause is the matte finish, it would seem thate a shiny coating would actually be a better choice (as long as you could still get it to reproduce accurate colors).
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  1. Sounds to me like a poor quality copy of a movie. You'll see that in 1 click software, DVD2One, etc. If it is an original then it might be a poor quality transfer, does it happen in all movies?
  2. Note to anyone else who read Zenak's post: he was replying to another thread of mine, not this one.

    Anyways, I still think that the issue mentioned in this thread represents a very serious issue. To put it simply, I cannot stand the way the monitor looks with it not giving a solid shade of color. I cannot believe that nobody anywhere has brought up this rather serious issue regarding matte finishes on LCD monitors. Again, I doubt it is dither; instead it appears to simply be the way LCDs look; it is simply abysmal for any type of graphics work.
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