Why can't I detect my modem?

I have a hayes accura 56k v92 pci faxmodem, my problem is this windows 98, me and 2000 won't detect it.
I have followed the instructions exactly ie install the software that came with it then install the card. I have also put on clean installs of all the above operating systems. The best i can do is windows me will detect it as a 56k zoom modem if i leave it in and don't install the software.
My system is 1ghz athlon,
Abit kt7a motherboard
512 meg sdram pc133
Radeon 64 ddr
pioneer 16x dvd
30 gig IBM hard drive

What am i doing wrong?.
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  1. Have you tried to manually install it?
  2. did you remove the "PCI Communication Device" from Device Manager? if you havent, windows has already installed a do-nothing driver for the modem.

    remove it, click on refresh and win98 will detect the modem and ask for the drivers. then point it to the driver directory and there you go!

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  3. I have tried to manually install it but it did not work. I did not have to delete the do nothing driver cause there wasn't one. It tells you in the manual not to have the card in when you install the drivers. I can't find the drivers once they are installed even though i have manually pointed to them in the winnt system 32 folder it just doesn't recognise them.

    Any more ideas would be apprieciated.
  4. When I had trouble installing my 3com \usr pci modem it took me a few days to realize that it is not detected as a modem but as another device .. I went into device amnager located this device and installed the drive from there

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