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Hi, we have a lcd/hdtv flat TV. We tried rabbit ears in the attic with the converter box. We get 13 channels, but not really. Only about 4 of them being broadcast from UNC in Wilmington, NC will come in steady. The rest lose their signal often right in the middle of a show. We are about 25 miles north east of the city of Wilmington. We thought maybe we should try a house antenna, but there are so many to choose from. HELP!
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  1. First off with HDTV's you don't need a converter box but, a outside antenna would help alot. Try this webside, I believe it's the one I got antenna from
  2. So what is the best inside antenna?
  3. Do it right. get an outside antenna. It won't get damaged by rain and will work 50X better.

    OK, if you insist, go get one made for the attic at

    Don't say I never gave any free advice, and I do expect you to click the best answer for this reply.
  4. errr...

    Too late, the thread started a year ago.

    I don't think PO will come back.

    We can continue talking which antenna is good thou.
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